Terracotta vase n°04


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Handmade terracotta vase (2,6kg). Signature and date on the bottom. Due to the technique, the vase might have scratches or specks. It should be waterproof but please, make a test beforehand. Also, it may look like a water carafe but it’s not. It get messy when you do it. Sorry.

Vase is sent sandwiched between 2 slices of high density foam. There's a tracking number and insurance. It's sent via DHL. I usually take a couple of days to pack and send it. If you're in a rush, please let me know. The shop is open for European Union citizens only. If you live outside the E.U. and want to purchase an item, please contact me via email. More information and shipping estimates can be found on the "terms and conditions" page. One last thing, if you don't like the artwork and want to return it, you have to cover the shipping cost, but honestly, it rarely happens because you’ll love it for sure.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021