Where’s your
head at ?
~ Pictoplasma exhibition with Dudes Factory

Date : 2012

FFwG launched a T-Shirt collection with the Dudes Factory as part of the 2012 Pictoplasma Festival, Character walk, Berlin. 

Interview by Lezilus

Can you tell us more about the project and the connexion between Dudes Factory and Pictoplasma ?
The Dudes Factory asked me to participate to the festival this year. I collaborate on regular basis with them since 2 years, so it seemed obvious to do it together. For the occasion, I created a new serie of T-Shirts and ... objects.

What was the brief and the flexibility that you had ?
I could do what I wanted. The only restriction was to produce designs that can be divided into "elements". This is the particularity of the brand which offer on their website the possibility to compose yourself your own design based on them. As the main theme I decided to work on "faces" as Pictoplasma is a Character Design festival.

Where did you find your inspiration, can you describe us your work process?
I already had a "face related" theme with the Dudes for my first collection, but I personally never wore them as they were "too much". I do not like when T-Shirts are too "talkative". This time I tried to find the boundary between figurative and abstract. For this, I developed a few geometric shapes with whom I play. I translate this research between abstract and figurative in the idea of balance that crosses all the collection. 

© Guillaume Kashima — Impressum