~Best Practice

Client : The High Line Network
Date : 2019

About the project : I was commissioned to illustrate head chapters and chapters for a booklet about « infrastructure reuse projects » … like the High Line in New York. Chapters about community building (this I know) but also about political partnerships ( °___° ? ).

Some topics were quite abstract or technical but all and all, it’s about people, as usual. I tried to balance the seriousness of the document with the illustrations. I think it works.

— Cover + Chapter intro —

About diversity : We talked a lot about diversity and I really appreciated it because most of the time … people don’t. It’s an issue that americans doesn’t shy away from. Of course it’s strange to say « it’s too white », « don’t forget disabled people », but it was nice sharing this responsibility. Most of the time, it’s a job I have to do alone. So thanks Masha, Asima and Ana.

— Chapter intro —
© Guillaume Kashima — Impressum