— Animation 1 (Facebook post) —

— Animation 2 —

— Animation 3 —

— Character design —

Prevention campaign

Client : EDF
Agency : BETC

Animation : Favo Studio
Date : 2019

The briefing was really simple : « We’re doing traffic signs to warn people from drowning risks when they are close to a dam ».

I had to design « traffic sign-like » characters. They had to be as minimal as possible, still, I had to add this little detail that would make them cute … that would tell a story. From the very beginning I chose to detach the head and make it a dot. To mirror the dot of the exclamation point and because simple graphic elements like these are the ones people read first. There was no mouth at the beginning but adding it made discomfort look more obvious. Also, with just a simple line, we understand where the face is and where the character is looking. I added drops around the head for stress.

We were aiming for
« stressy but fun »

— 3 x Posters —

For the rest of the body, I had to decide what was important to be noticed or not. For the fisherman : a hat and adding two white lines to detach the boots from the legs were enough. For the canoe : helmets. For the family : bathing suits, hair and hats and somehow … nipples and belly button for the father. You might noticed that he looks rather … naked. Having the leg up on the poster, I didn’t want to complicate the illustration adding shorts. It works on the poster. A bit less on the animation ;)

© Guillaume Kashima — Impressum